​How Do I Place An Order?​

When you place a used mens underwear order, you will receive an automated response to that order.

Payment & Shipping

You can pay instantly using either PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card but we also accept Cash or Bank Transfer .  When paying with either Credit or Debit card, P2O is the name that will appear on your statement.  There will never be a mention of this sites name.

We always seal any used item that has been ordered as soon as I remove it. Then it is enclosed in a small plain bubble wrap envelope and sealed with brown or clear tape so that no one can open the item before it reaches you. There is never any mention of where is has come from and never any mention of its contents. 100% Discreet 

Returns & Refunds

The buyer will confirm the order has been received, at which point the funds will be released to the selling party. We do not offer refunds on any items sold on the site nor do we accept returns. If you are genuinely unhappy with your purchase then contact me via email us and we will see how best we can solve the problem. Every customer is important to us and we do try to please everyone.

How Much Does It Cost to List an Item?

At pants 2 order we automatically deduct 20% of the listed price. We only earn when you do!

How Can I Start Selling?

Its as simple as creating an account, making a profile and uploading your items to sell. You can keep track of all your items within your profile pages. Withdrawals are requested within your profile pages via Amazon or Paypal.  ​

How Soon Will I Get My Money?

Withdrawals are completed every Friday. So once the buyer confirms the goods have been received you can raise a withdrawal request within you personal dashboard pages.  ​

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Yes – the information we collect is only used to verify your account and contact you if there any questions. We do not sell or distribute your data to any third parties except for the purposes of completing a transaction with PayPal. 



Thank you for shopping with us!